U.S. Virgin Islands

There are three islands available to vacationers here and each has a unique personality and individual attributes.  St. John, which has only 5% of the USVI population, is pretty, expensive, has cachet and it takes a little extra effort to reach.  People come here to swim at some of the loveliest beaches anywhere, snorkel on terrific reefs and enjoy the national park.  St. Thomas has long been one of the Caribbean’s busiest destinations and cruise ship ports.  The island is usually the most accessible and most economical of the USVI and offers great shopping, excellent dining and almost every activity imaginable.  St. Croix is a “blend” of the other two islands, offering a well rounded menu of vacation activities.  The island has an appealing capital with historic buildings and shopping, an undeveloped forest, good beaches, golf courses, excellent diving and the only casino in the USVI.

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