Like no other Caribbean destination, Jamaica is awash in misconceptions and clichés and, in some ways, represents the entire Caribbean, warts and all.  For all the visitors ruffled by Jamaica, just as many name it as their favorite island destination.  Choosing the right area of the island and the right hotel are key to enjoying the country, its people and it’s culture.  Our favorite area of Jamaica is Negril, with its beautiful beach, cheap places to eat and a great mix of both locals and tourists.  Montego Bay and Ocho Rios (including the coast line between the two) contains the majority of the hotels and resorts.  The area around Montego Bay has some great golf courses and a few of the island’s best hotels.  Both of these areas are probably best if you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort.  Almost any type of vacation, from totally barefoot and laid back to high end luxury, can be found in Jamaica making it one of the most visited islands in the region.

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